3D Print

Prototypes and small series from 3D printers.


Our in-house Objet printer offers unmatched professional quality of 3D printed objects. For most of our print projects we use this precise PolyJet technology. The Objet prints at up to 0.016 mm thick solid and viable parts with good surface finish.

We know how difficult it is to find high-quality printing services, so we now offer our 3D printer as a service for our customers. We offer fast turnaround, low prices and high quality parts.


The FDM-print is similar to standard ink printing – but in three dimensions. Layer by layer, the to be manufactured sample pieces are printed with a dimensionally stable material.

For this process, a wire is supplied to a print head that melts and places the material at the corresponding position, where it then hardens. Your CAD manufacturing data guides this process.

The 3D printed parts are ideally suitable for function tests, concept validation, construction and dimension testing. The parts are produced in a cost-efficient manner and are completed on request.

Are you interested in 3D print and would like to for instance manufacture your prototype and short production in synthetic or special material? Your team at PATERNIONER Mechanical engineering will help you with your 3D requests.

In our contact form, you can find an upload function for your files. We will prepare an adequate offer within a short period of time, and will be happy to advise you on questions relating to material, geometry, feasibility and improvements.