Our Machinery

Functionally adapted machinery is essential to implement clients’ requests in a cost-efficient and timely manner. Our milling and turning machines, boring machines and CNC processing centers are arranged and designed towards optimizing productivity. We therefore provide at all times production with the appropriate machines and operate with competitive hourly rates:


Boring and milling work (CNC and  conventional) 950 x 630 mm 930 x 300 mm 650 x 450 mm 610 x 405 mm 600 x 400 mm
Rotational work (CNC  incl. driven tools and conventional) Dm 500 x 3000 mm Dm 520 x 2500 mm Dm 500 x 2000 mm Dm 160 x 1000 mm Dm 450 x 1000 mm Dm 520 x 1500 mm Dm 520 x 2000 mm
Planing and shaping operations
bis 400 mm
Circular grinding
Dm 200 x 500 mm Dm 300 x 1200 mm
Surface grinding
300 x 700 mm
Welding autogenous, electrode, MIG/MAG, WIG
Metallisation Wire and powder systems

Our in-house design department constructs everything, from devices over test facilities to complex special purpose machines and facilities. Our comprehensive experience enables us to extensively address all areas relating to the planning and construction of your machines. This allows us to ensure that your product complies with the highest quality standards. Furthermore, we always seek intensive contact with our clients and regularly exchange ideas, data and designs. We can hereby keep you up to date and you can monitor the development of your device and special purpose machine.

Modern 3D work places are available, and we use Siemens PLM for our software sytems.

CAD System Solid Edge

With the recent addition of 3D printers to our services, we built a bridge to additive manufacturing and are pleased to offer you now our 3D print service. As we are stocked with FDM and Polyjet services, we are able to offer the right technology for your application.

From a design and manufacturing perspective, this new technology allows for unprecedented geometrical intricacies and we would like to provide you with access to our experience, and to jointly expand our expertise in this area.

295 x 192 x 150 mm
250 x 250 x 300 mm

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